Welcome to the
Made for Life
virtual gallery

Welcome to the
Made for Life
virtual gallery

Made for Life. A Volkswagen is more than a car. A Volkswagen is made to enjoy and to make memories in. 

Check out our selection of local photographers showcasing their interpretation on how Volkswagen is Made for Life. 

Ushma Dhakan

Hi, I’m Ushma Dhakan, and I’ve found true purpose and passion in
documenting people and their journeys.

Sami Altokhais

Hi, I’m Sami Altokhais, I use photography as a universal language to influence how we make sense of the world that we live in.

Nino Consorte

Hi, I’m Nino Consorte. I started as a lighting assistant, from where I learned photography and developed my interest in it.

Ali Mrad

Hi, I’m Ali Mrad and a self-taught multidisciplinary artist that takes inspiration from the sum of journeys, experiences, dreams, and nature around me.

Norah AlAmri

Hi, I’m Nora AlAmri, and my photography is inspired by the culture and humans in Saudi Arabia.

Omar Sha3

Hi, I’m Omar Sha3, and I’m a self-taught digital visual artist from Palestine. Photography has always been the main tool in creating my visuals, mixed with digital painting, photo manipulation, and AI.