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Glass, light, & visibility: A clear view for your safety

When out on the road, to see and be seen is vital. With Volkswagen Genuine Glass, Wiper Blades, Screen Wash and Lights, you’ll see everything clearly.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreen

Our windscreens provide protection against wind and rain. In the summer, they help withstand the heat and also support your airbags when they open.

Volkwagen Genuine Windscreen with safety glass

Your benefits

  • Stable protection: Safety glass – supports the airbag, fewer chips.
  • Greater convenience: Protection against noise, shields against the sun and keeps the vehicle interior cooler in the summer.
  • Designed for your Volkswagen: The perfect interaction with driver assistance systems, such as the rain sensor or Lane Assist.

Volkswagen Genuine Aero Wipers

With our aero wipers, you can keep a clear eye on the road – and at high speeds, too, thanks to their aerodynamic and smooth shape. 

A VW service employee replaces the Genuine Aero Wipers of a Volkswagen

Your benefits

  • A perfect fit: Even surface pressure thanks to precision spring strips, which are adjusted to create the perfect fit to your windscreen.
  • An unobstructed view and stability: Even at high speeds – thanks to its aerodynamic design, integrated spoiler and dual precision spring strips.
  • Up to 30% less wear: Thanks to high-quality materials and special smooth coating.

Volkswagen Genuine Lights

With no dazzling effect and full brightness over the entire service life. Thanks to the high light intensity of our genuine lights, you’ll know exactly what’s happening on the road – and you’ll be clearly visible to other road users. Whether, for example, halogen bulbs of the type H1, H4 or H7 – for low beam or high beam: We have the right bulbs for your vehicle lighting requirements.

Volkswagen Genuine Headlights

Uniform illumination for a good overview of the road and visibility for other road users – our LED headlights on your Volkswagen, among other things, ensure this. So you can drive more relaxed.

Volkswagen Genuine LED Headlight

Your benefits

  • Long-lasting full performance: In Volkswagen LEDs, the light intensity remains constantly high until the very end.
  • Longer service life: Extra-long service life.
  • Lower energy consumption: Volkswagen LEDs consume less power.

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